Wicked Beloved

Wicked Beloved

Though warned of the Tellurian slave’s uncooperative nature, Guild Assassin Dzer-Jin Vonn is intrigued when the alluring redhead promises to obey him and be the best slave ever. Her prior owner misused her but did not quench her spirit; her tongue cuts with amusing precision.

Abducted from Earth by aliens, ripped from life as she knows it, she gives her new master only the label “slave” to call her by.  She’s landed in a culture where violence is foreplay. Yet her sexy master stands apart from his peers; he shows compassion.

When Dzer-Jin is challenged to slice her skin for public titillation, she agrees to the display with no bonds but trust. He earns status for her obedience but she frets he’ll tire of his “pet” if she doesn’t service his sexual appetites. The passion seething between them terrifies her. Is her desire to escape to Earth stronger than her need to serve Dzer-Jin’s lust—or her own?

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“The BDSM scenes in this story are hawt. ... The blood play between Vonn and Ahno’ee demonstrated sensuality rather than brutality. This was a very nice touch. ... Vonn’s sexual appetite is delightful to watch. ... This speculative fiction book is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy a hot Dom who knows how to wield a sharp knife.”
- La Crimson Femme

“A really enjoyable read that delved into things I don’t normally enjoy and changed my opinion.”
- 5 STARS - Vicky, Scorching Reviews

“Finished Wicked Beloved. Loved it. Very sexy but very warm and romantic as well.”
- Emma Stockburn, Librarian

“Adam Howden’s sensual rendition of Susanne Saville’s words are not only a testament to his amazingly diverse vocal talents, but is also an eargasm for the listener.”
- Crystal Beck, United by Books

“I really loved the building relationships between the characters. I also like how Saville changed my mind about the characters and left me with a page turner I couldn't put down." - Lindsey, United by Books

“Whippings, blood play, and knife play, oh my! ... A very sensual and exciting read.”
- Twigs, Bitten By Paranormal Romance